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l to him.Sit●ting at his desk he thought

of Le●ila and then of Justine.What would his mother▓ have to say about his decision▓ Narouz walked out to the summer-house t▓hat morning to discharge his mi▓ssion; but first he picked a mass of ▓blooms from the red and yellow ▓roses with which to refill the t●wo great vases which stood on either side of h▓is father’s portrait.His mother was a▓sleep at her desk but th

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er at once.The snake ●hissed drowsily and

then lowered its ●head to the ground once more.‘▓Bless you, Narouz’ she said a●s she saw the flowers and rose at once to emp●ty her vases.As they started to trim and ●arrange the new blooms, Narouz broke t●he news of his brother’s marriage.His mo●ther stood quite still for a long ti▓me, undisturbed but serious as if sh●e were consulting her own inmo▓st thoughts and emotions.At last she sai▓d, more to herself than anyone, ‘Why not〃埊 repeating the phrase once or twice as if tes▓ting its pitch.Then she bit her thumb and ▓turning to her younger son said ‘B●ut if she is an adventuress, after his money, ▓I won’t have it.I shall take▓ steps to have her done away▓ with.He needs my permission ▓anyhow.’ Narouz found this ●overwhelmingly funny and gave an ap▓preciative laugh.She took h●is hairy arm between

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.’ ‘I swear it.’● He laughed now until

he sho●wed the pink roof of his mou●th.But she remained abstracted, sti▓ll listening to an inner monologue.▓ Absently she patted his arm as● he laughed and whispered ‘Hush’; and th●en after a long pause she said▓, as if surprised by her own ▓thoughts.‘The strange thing is, I m●ean it.’ ‘And you can’t cou●nt on me, eh’ he said, still lau●ghing but with the germ of serio●usness in his words.‘You can’t tr●ust me to watch over my own brother’s hono▓ur.’ He was still swollen up toad-l●ike by the laughter, though his expressio▓n had now become serious.‘My Go▓d’ she thought, ‘how ugly he is●.’ And her fingers went to the black veil, pre●ssing through it to the rough cicatric●es in her own complexion, touching t●hem fiercely as if to smooth the▓m out.‘My good Narouz’ she said, alm▓ost tearfully, and ran her fingers through his h▓air; the wonderful poetry of the Arab●ic stirred and soothed him in one.‘My h●oneycomb, my dove, my good Narouz.Tell● him yes, with my embrace.Tell him yes.?/p>